For international students

Thank you for your interest in my laboratory.

In recent years, we have received an increasing number of inquiries from international students who wish to join our laboratory and obtain a master’s or doctoral degree. In order to help such international students, we would like to inform you of some points to keep in mind when applying to our laboratory. I hope this was helpful to you.

Research topics of our laboratory

The main research topics of our laboratory includes:

  • Information security: secret sharing, multi-party computation protocols, private information retrieval, zero-knowledge proof, lattice-based cryptography, public/private key cryptography
  • Error correcting codes: evaluation of code parameters, algebraic properties of codes, encoding/decoding algorithms
  • Issues related to the above research topics: random number generation, probabilistic inference

Please note that our research is mainly based on a theoretical approach, with little computer simulation.

Knowledge necessary for research

In order to conduct research in the field mentioned above, you need not only basic mathematics such as linear algebra and basic calculus, but also mathematics at the undergraduate level, such as abstract linear algebra, algebra (group/ring/field theory), probability theory, statistics, and so on. Furthermore, you must study mathematical subjects such as combinatorics and graph theory in advance.

In addition to these knowledge in mathematics, fields such as information and communication engineering, the fundamentals of cryptography theory, and the basics of coding theory are also essential so that you can immediately begin research.

Admission information

For information regarding admission, please visit the university web-site. Then contact me before applying for the entrance exam. In addition to your resume, please also send a summary of your graduation thesis.